Taxonomy of the Full Stop.

The question I was trying to answer within the brief was, how might I learn from the autistic mind, to find positive attributes to enhance an individual’s creative practice?


‘The Taxonomy of the Full Stop’ works by using transparent newsprint to immerse the reader in the detail of the full stop. As the reader works through the publication, they first observe the full stop without the letterforms in a typeface. On the next page, the full stop is then removed from the Lorem Ipsum text to show the significances of the mark. Finally, there is a brief taxonomy description of the full stop showing the detail of that design element. This process is repeated for the 20 different typefaces selected to show the different designs of each full stop.


The publication uses the full stop to show the obsessive and observant trait of the autistic mind which implies positivity around this neurodiverse brain. The publication was a success as it enabled designers to see the Autism trait as a positive attribute to the Graphic Design industry.