Rick Stein

Rick Stein came to Falmouth University to set up a competition brief for his new table top range. The table top range included: plates, bowls, platter, mugs ect. I was asked to design the shapes and style of the range, as well as the logo, concept and packaging. Rick Stein envisioned a blue/white coloured Japanese and Cornish style to the design.


The concept of the range I designed was concentrating on the line movement in the sea, looking into the layers and ripples. I also wanted to capture a Japanese look, keeping the blue and white connections to Cornwall. The black line is to represent the Cornish flag while giving the range a Japanese look.


After presenting initial ideas to Rick Stein himself, I came in the top 5 within 20 other groups. I worked alone in this project while others where in groups, increasing my workload. The project was out of my comfort zone, with illustration serving a big part of the project, but I felt I managed the project well.