2D Printer

The brief was to develop and curate a ‘point of view’ through a design response (in whatever form it may take), using pre-existing ‘data’. The project should also take into account the development of personal ‘building’ skills, and theoretical and practical interests within the field of communication.


I collaborated with my father to explore the generational relationship between X and Y around physical making. My idea was to create a 2D printer from first principles without any external help other than my fathers input with his existing knowledge of electronics. I would help design the device while learning a new design approach.


My final print originated from the Helvetica typeface. The printer was able to take a widely recognisable typeface and make something new out of it. With the last A to Z print taking approximately four hours to print, my next stage would be too reduce the time it took for an image to print. I found the relationship between physical making and learning quite a intrinsic idea that could be explored further.