The brief was to create a bridged language system for the hard of hearing to learn new languages easily. The reason for making this brief for the heard of hearing was to take away the learning language element of hearing and speaking, and go back to visuals.


My idea was to recreate the phonetic alphabet to become more obvious, so the user did not have to rely on learning a system from elements that did not link together. To do this I played with the relationship between the letter and the wave form to create new symbols where the user can interact with the element through a software system. The user would try and match there own waveform to the selected symbol to learn that sound.


The name ‘Mudo’ came from the Spanish word for mute, relaying on the idea of removing audio from the learning system. The project came out really well, leaving me with a final image that I was able to screen print. In future I would like to extend this project to recreate all the phonetic sounds in the world, to make this system universal.