Symbols of Death

This project was only open to 10 students from Falmouth university and 15 students from Augsburg University. Half the project took place in Germany and the other half in the UK. There were 4 themes to the project: soul, elixir, resurrection and legacy with the general theme of death. I was asked to make 12 symbols that represented one of these themes. I chose soul.


It is said that “when you die, your life flashes before your eyes, make it worth watching.” In this time your body is no longer functioning and your brain lives on for a further 7 minutes. This is the period of your soul without your body. To capture the soul I needed to look into the process of these 7 minutes and the breakdown of the brain. This is achieved by representing brain scans. At the end of this journey, it is said that we access the meaning of life.


Each of the black symbols represent a minute. Within these minutes you recall the key moments of your life:


 Minute 1, seeing yourself as a baby. Minute 2, seeing your best friends. Minute 3, remembering the people you fell in love with. Minute 4, looking at the hard times. Minute 5, remembering the lessons you learnt. Minute 6, remembering who you are. Minute 7, the summary, bringing meaning to your life.


The symbols in between represent the journey from accessing one part of the brain to another. All symbols work together to show the journey of the soul, through death.