Bleed Typeface

Before the release of the brief for this project, the University asked students to fill out a booklet with questions about ourselves. After the completion of this booklet, information about that person was given out randomly. I was asked to create a typeface from the booklet I was given, to represent that person.


After reading the booklet, I felt the student seemed very anxious and hidden within themselves. They didn’t seem to express how they truly felt. Therefore I came up with the concept of bleed, a typeface that allowed others to obtain a typeface that expressed your true feelings through text. This could be used on messengers and on mobile phones. The way this idea works, relies on how hard the recipient is pressing on the keypad. The harder they pressed, the thicker the type.


The typeface contains 2 fonts, one lighter-weight font used as the basic type. When the recipient is angry, the font will change to the heaviest weight. I made this typeface using a scalpel going over the template of Helvetica. For the light weight font, I pressed lightly on the scalpel, vise versa. I then allowed ink to bleed through the paper. With the heavier font, I added punctuation to the letters for example exclamation marks, questions marks and full stops to express more emotion through the font.